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How does an Open Space Workshop work?

During the meeting people are invited to form mixed work groups and participate in a workshop or studio, within a given framework. Everyone is given the opportunity to show their personal talents and gain new experiences.

The work climate is characterized by openness, commitment, shared responsibility and self-coaching, with room for dialogue and the exchange of experiences in an informal yet inspiring atmosphere.

On average, the various workshops take about an hour, after which the pieces of work that have been created can be presented on a central spot. If so desired, the work can be elucidated or commented upon by others.

Open Space Workshops are based on seven basic principles:

1. Whoever comes are always the right people
2. Whatever happens is for the good
3. Conditions should be taken for what they are
4. The composition of the groups is determined by chance
5. Everyone may start whenever they feel like it
6. Everyone may stop whenever they think it is time to
7. Everyone is free to move around as they like


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